Project Miss Behavin'



Indian Motorcycles announced it is sponsoring a dealer competition to highlight the Scout mid-size motorcycle. The competition is aptly named, “Project Scout: Build A Legend.”

The first 50 Indian Motorcycle dealers, worldwide, to register will be customizing or building their versions of the Scout and  will submit their finished project, via a pictorial build history to Polaris, who will upload all "contestants" onto the Indian Facebook site where Facebook fans will be able to online vote for their top three choices in head-to-head competition.


Cherokee Cycles entered the competition. After much discussion, it was decided to enter a “one-off” build with the Scout converted into a trike. Continuing through with discussions produced Cherokee's decision to use a World War II era bomber as the basis for its build as Indian Scouts were used in WWII by the U.S. Army. Once the team saw Miss Behavin’ they immediately knew this was the inspiration for a winner in keeping with “Build A Legend.”

The aircraft known as Miss Behavin’ was a Boeing B-17G heavy bomber. It carried a crew of ten and was delivered to the U.S. Army Air Corps on December 27, 1943 in Denver, CO. It was assigned to the Eighth Air Force's 94th Bombardment Wing (Heavy) and operationally flew with the 401st Bombardment Group out of Deenethrope, England. The crew christened their ship Miss Behavin'.

Its first mission was July 16, 1944. Miss Behavin’ flew 26 consecutive missions over Germany. Its last mission was on September 28, 1944 when it sustained battle damage over Magdeburg, Germany, which caused a forced landing in Belgium.

Cherokee Cycles is honored to create and enter Project Miss Behavin’ in recognition of the accomplishments of this historic B-17 and its brave crew.

Cherokee Cycles acknowledges this project could have never moved forward, in the time frame we were given, without the enthusiastic and complete cooperation of all our listed partners. They literally dropped what they were doing to help create Miss Behavin'. We are indeed fortunate to associate with such a group of highly talented and dedicated professionals. Thanks guys!

History in the Making

In The Beginning at Motor Trike, Inc.


Tail-end removal

Sub-Frame Design @ Motor Trike,  Inc.

Sub-Frame Design @ Motor Trike, Inc.

Differential Assembly @ Motor Trike

Differential Assembly

Differential Assembly

Differential Assembly




IRS with Air Ride & Reverse.

Body Molding by Motor Trike


Body Fabrication @ Motor Trike

Body Fabrication @ Motor Trike

At the BKP paint shop

Prepping the front fender @ BKP

Front Fender

Fender & Tank

Lookin' GREAT @ BKP!

Miss Behavin' B4 Final Painting

Saddle Design @ Heather's Leathers






Master craftsman Wayne Hagler at work

Finished tooling and assembly


After dying & applying acrylic paints,
it's ready...Wow!


Meanwhile, back @ Cherokee Cycles


Floating seat mounting


Royce Yardley mounting the headlamp


Miss Behavin' receiving some extra
H.P. & torque

Front end before body assembly

A lot of time and effort to get tothis point!


At White Wall Choppers for CNC work

Turning billet block into a custom wheel

An 18" wheel in the making

Finished product, Great job Derek Hicks!


One-of-a-kind floorboard outline


Floorboard mounting bracket


Floorboards with a WOW factor




In the shape of a general purpose bomb


WOW, could it have turned out ANY better!


The dark holes represent battle damage


Gotta love the floorboards


Wrapped exhaust

Outstanding fabrication from Motor Trike, Inc.

Bombs away!

The "girl next door"

Custom 18" wheel

No description necessary here


Is that a machine gun barrel in front of the leather shifter peg?

Leather covered swingarm


Getting ready for action

How about the center caps

A "canopy" cowl

A certain show stopper





Cherokee Cycles - Greer, S.C. Indian Motorcycle dealer

Motor Trike, Inc. - Troup, TX

Mr. JD Vey
Conversion design and fabrication

White Wall Choppers - Summerville, S.C.

Mr. Derek Hicks
CNC work - front wheel, floorboards, miscellaneous parts

BKP Art - Easley, S.C.

Custom painting and graphics
Mr. Brian Morgan and Mr. Danny Robledo

Heather's Leathers, Inc. - Clover, S.C.

Mr. Wayne Hagler and Mr. Jonathan Mauney
Custom leather seat design & building

Forrest Briggs Photography - Greenville, S.C.

Professional Photographic Services

Project Intern

Miss Nikki Patterson
Riverside High School - Greenville, S.C.